What We’re All About 


It all started when…

…there was a need for hope.

International Hope Center was created to lead people to that hope through the Gospel as a church and non-profit organization that is located in Hamtramck, Michigan. Our mission is to transform individual lives and urban centers across the nation and the globe with the Gospel through community development, training, church planting and discipleship.

We are actively engaged in seeking the welfare and the transformation of the city and believe that the message of the Kingdom of God can bring redemption to individuals and justice for all communities.

As part of our vision we believe that today’s church must be equipped to engage in a changing world.  IHC is committed to equipping individuals and churches to reach today’s multi-ethnic, pluralistic and increasingly urban society.

We believe the call of the Christian is not just to make disciples, but to make disciple makers who reproduce more disciple makers.   To create disciple-making movements is at the core of everything that we do at IHC. This call should pass from one generation of followers to the next.

Urban Society today is a complex mixture of cultures, economic classes and religious and non-religious beliefs.  There is no one “right formula” to reach the world’s cities.  IHC seeks to facilitate multiple church planting approaches that are sensitive to what God is doing in individual neighborhoods and groups of people.

Hamtramck is an enclave of the city of Detroit where many cultures have gathered together to create a unique community. In the middle of the vibrant city of Detroit, our “small town” of two square miles houses a unique blend of people. Traditionally a Polish neighborhood, Hamtramck has grown to house people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, and many others. It is also a hub of hip millenials creatively called Hampsters—Hamtramck Hipsters. Of course, there are many other cultures represented in our multicultural city, but these are notable neighbors.


what we do

  • Community Building

  • Multicultural Training

  • Discipleship

  • Church Plant Resourcing

join us by

  • Volunteering your time

  • Serving on a cross-cultural team exchange

  • Giving financially