IHC Heart Health Clinic

This last March, we had several people from the community visit our Heart Health Clinic. It is through services like this, that we are able to connect with people in the community, serve them, and create relationships that can lead to conversations about Jesus and discipleship.

We spent an afternoon meeting with different people in the community to promote heart health. An all women’s gym was able to participate with us in reaching their community and ministry, while we were able to provide the space. People from many backgrounds including Yemeni and Bangladeshi backgrounds took advantage of our medical professionals and education materials.

It is through our partnership with other ministries in the community that we are able to serve the community in an effective way. Many people in the community cannot drive or easily have access to clinical services. Outreaches like this one allowed for people within the two mile radius to walk to our facility and get informed about their health and what steps they could take to better their health.

One of the most effective ways that we find to help our community is in being able to provide translation services. Aside from not being able to travel to local clinics, many people in the community are deterred from seeking professional help because of language barriers. IHC is in partnership with many individuals that are dedicated to offering their time to provide translation during our outreaches. It is because of our relationships with people that have the ability to translate, that we are able to also provide a comfortable space for people to talk, explain, and get better access to basic needs. We are happy to be a location of effective communication.

This was also the second time that we were able to partner with a local university to provide these services. With our new building, which has taken a year to remodel, we will be able to more effectively be a location for these types of service. The professors that participated complimented us greatly. They forsee our new facility as being a great place for future community service!

Elias Garman